Compliant messaging for health and care teams.

medCrowd connects health and care teams all over the world to work together more effectively to give every patient the best care.  

Using medCrowd's cutting-edge messaging technology, people working in health and care simply invite colleagues and verified networks of advisors to join online conversations and get the advice they need, when they need it.


We all want every patient in the world to get the best care. So it is essential for people in health and care to work together across different organizations to find the right diagnoses, offer the best treatments and support every patient's care.

So, medCrowd connects health and care teams all over the world across different organizations, therapy areas, specialties, professions, businesses and partnerships to work together compliantly and more effectively.

Take professional conversations to a better place with medCrowd.

Work lighter

medCrowd simply combines the latest messaging and chat technologies into one essential solution.

Replace insecure social networking and messaging apps with the features and control you really need. Search, sort and filter information quickly to find just what you want.

Take health and care conversations out of personal social networks into a professional digital workplace.

Work together

medCrowd is a cloud-based digital technology so you can work securely with whoever you need to, in any organization.

Start every conversation quickly with only the people you choose to invite. Invite individuals and also work together in teams to get the advice you need when you need it. Review recent conversations together for improved efficiency, training and governance.

Simply, securely, together.

With the best people

Tap into the entire world of health and care expertise to get advice you didn't even know you needed.

Start wider conversations easily with verified networks of advisors to get expert advice from your peers all over the world.

Have the right conversations with the best people to find out what they know, and you need to know.


Unlike social networks and consumer messaging apps, medCrowd is compliant for the processing of confidential personal information and protected health information (PHI).

Health and care teams use medCrowd to be confident that sensitive data is protected to the right standards. Cutting-edge security and encryption technologies ensure that all data is transmitted and stored securely.

On the move

People working in health and care often need to work remotely and on the move. medCrowd can keep you connected on your laptop, desktop and mobile devices wherever and whenever you need to work.

Dedicated mobile apps are in development for iOS, Android and Windows. So get in touch to join our mobile app testers.



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