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The instant messenger
for health and care.

medCrowd connects health and care teams all over the world to work together more effectively and give the best care.

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medDigital was selected to join the first cohort of the DigitalHealth.London Accelerator - a world-class programme that supports SMEs to develop digital health innovations for the NHS.

Through this program, medDigital developed medCrowd, a compliant messenger for health and care teams to work together more effectively and give the best care.

Health and care teams are using non-compliant messaging technologies, such as WhatsApp and Facebook Groups, to share confidential health and care information on a daily basis, despite clear guidance from NHS Digital and other professional bodies that only compliant technologies must be used.

Therefore, we developed medCrowd to protect confidential health and care information to the right standards.

Health and care teams can now join medCrowd and work together compliantly across different organisations all over the world.

medCrowd is revolutionising the way clinicians and other health and care workers communicate, not just in the NHS, but globally. Find out what Partha Kar (NHS Consultant Diabetologist), Amanda Williams (Assistant Director of Lambeth LCN), Caroline Young (CSR Manager for NMS Infrastructure), Marta Roxberg (Senior Partnership Manager for THET) and Hannah Harniess (Interim Director of DigitalHealth.London Accelerator) think about this transformation and medCrowd's huge potential:


medCrowd has the essential features that health and care teams need to work together more effectively and give the best care.


medCrowd protects confidential health and care information to the right standards.

The NHS has clear guidance that health and care teams should not use non-compliant messaging technologies (like WhatsApp) or social networks (like Facebook Groups) to share confidential health and care information.

So medCrowd is compliant with the NHS Commercial Third Party Information Governance, HIPAA, UK Data Protection Act 2018 and the European General Data Protection Regulation with ISO 27001 certification in progress.

On topic

Use medCrowd to collect messages together in topical conversations. Avoid never-ending streams of group messages. Easily find the information you need.

API Integration

medCrowd is a flexible technology that has many different applications. It has an advanced API that enables messaging integration with other digital healthcare systems, such as electronic care records and professional websites.

Keep all teams and conversations easily accessible and kept in sync through medCrowd.

On the move

People working in health and care often need to work remotely and on the move.

medCrowd keeps you connected on your laptop, desktop and mobile devices wherever and whenever you need to work.

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