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The instant messenger for health and care

Keeps everyone in touch
Secure conversations anytime and anywhere
Protects confidential information to the required health standards

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The medDigital Scientific Insight Team

Our talented Scientific Insight team at medDigital can help you gain scientific insights with medCrowd and a growing range of service offerings. The team are all scientists and can therefore help you gain the insights you need and help you understand the next steps too.

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Scientific Insight Services

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Digital Advisory Boards (DABs)

DABs enable you to engage with key stakeholders and discover insights quickly. HCPs interact and discuss the clinical landscape – remotely and asynchronously.

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Clinical trial design & HTA submissions

Discover investigator insights from clinical development teams to optimise clinical trials, HTA submissions and NICE appraisals.

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Online advice service

create a panel of expert advisors who can provide clinical advice as a digital service.

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Patient panels

Talk directly with patients – learn about unmet, access to care, and their perspectives.

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Market Research

We are BHBIA-certified scientific business intelligence professionals. Our team will lead focus groups, in-depth interviews and more, facilitating large qualitative data collection.

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Academic focus groups

Bring together a group of academics to discuss and critically evaluate recent developments in basic or applied medical research.

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Conference Support

We support you with conference management – from concept and content development, to post-event discussions.

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Survey Tool

For quantitative data gathered through compliant closed question surveys. The Scientific Insight team can support with using our own or existing survey tools, track responses, and provide a summary report.

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Participant Benefits

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Time & flexibility

Participants can connect whenever is most convenient for them, easily balancing their life and work with participation.

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Multilingual capabilities

Participants can read & translate content without the concerns of language barriers, making it easier to participate than in a live environment. Our Scientific team will be able to translate your responses back into the main project language.

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The best advice

Asynchronous conversations reduce time-pressure by giving participants more thinking time, allowing them to deliberate over questions, digest the information and craft carefully-considered responses.

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Faster and more flexible than in-person advice-seeking activities, supporting science and patients by increasing access to important information.

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Freedom to participate from any location eliminates the need for travel, supporting sustainability goals, but also allowing participants in more remote locations to participate seamlessly

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Instant & simple

Our technology is simple and intuitive with the responsive medCrowd web app allowing contributions on the go.

Key Features

Asynchronous, text-based conversations

Connect globally across all time zones via laptop, desktop or mobile device

Unlimited number of conversations with participants

Open, close, and reopen conversations when you need

Share files for experts to review (whether videos, documents or images)

Tag, reply and react to each other’s messages

Add polls and links

Easily manage participation

Invite team members and participants via email or mobile number

Appoint additional admins to help

Withdraw comments or close conversations when needed

View invitation status and participation statistics

Approve online payments each month

Use the automated HSI Bot to facilitate pharmacovigilance reporting

Data is encrypted at rest and in transit, meeting data protection standards.

Compliant with the NHS DSPT, HIPAA, UK Data Protection Act and the European General Data Protection Regulation with ISO 27001 certification being finalised.

Life Science Company Benefits

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Participants have time to craft carefully-considered responses leading to more useful insights.

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Easily connecting with participants in different specialities, countries, and time zones allows you to draw from a diverse range of perspectives and advisors who may otherwise be too busy to travel.

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Value for money

medCrowd provides a considerably less costly alternative to face-to-face engagements by absorbing the costs normally associated with travel & accommodation.

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medCrowd projects can be set up rapidly, allowing for fast answers to questions to gain input from experts in real-time.

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Data connections

medCrowd automatically collates and documents data which can also be integrated with software systems such as your customer relationship management (CRM) systems.

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By eliminating unnecessary travel, medCrowd supports sustainability goals to protect the environment.

Life Science Company Feedback

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Associate Director, Medical Affairs - Asynchronous DAB with a live Webinar (Synchronous)
“medCrowd is easy to use, the participants and our team thoroughly enjoyed the experience. The DAB worked better than a face to face solution - learnings are easier to gather and the insights remain more concise than in a face to face event.”
Icon of a globe
Director, Global Medical Affairs – Asynchronous DAB
“Once you get in motion and can keep the momentum, it’s a very smooth tool to engage quickly with KOLs and it’s a pleasure to see when they go beyond answering your questions and start debating amongst themselves in the platform.”
Icon of a globe
Global Events Team: Medical Affairs – Asynchronous DAB
“Great, proactive support from the medDigital team. Good level of communication and fast turnaround and response time whenever actions are required. I also appreciate the expertise and guidance from previous experiences on how to use the platform in the most productive way. I find the payment process based on allocated time per conversation well managed and in line with compliance requirements.”

Professional Feedback

Icon of a Russian flag
Doctor, Nephrology, Russia
“This is a very good and new format for discussion. I think this experience should be spread.”
Icon of a Turkish flag
Doctor, Nephrology, Turkey
“I enjoyed this format a lot. Although I was extremely busy with the daily routine, I had the chance to see all the information and was able to follow all the questions and answers.”
Icon of a Mexican flag
Doctor, Infectious Diseases, Mexico
“It has been an incredibly productive way to learn and share knowledge. Just by reading what the experiences of other centres have been and the insight of the collaborators is more than enough to say it has been a successful story in times of difficulties.”