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About medCrowd

We are specialists in digital communications with expertise in healthcare and science. We have over 10 years of experience developing digital technology for healthcare and life sciences.

Our team comprises of medical, scientific, insight, design and tech experts who work together to develop innovative solutions to healthcare challenges.

Photo - a group of people meeting at a wooden desk, seen from above


photo of Dr Felix Jackson

Dr Felix Jackson
Founder & Medical Director

photo of Paul Gardner

Paul Gardner
Founder & IT Director

Scientific insight team

photo of Francesca Pullan

Francesca Pullan
Scientific Insight Advisor

photo of Natasha Wait

Natasha Wait
Scientific Insight Advisor

photo of Priya Bhogal

Priya Bhogal
Senior Scientific Insight Advisor

photo of Saba Mian

Saba Mian
Scientific Insight Advisor

photo of Tea Meneghetti

Tea Meneghetti
Scientific Insight Leader

Scientific team

photo of Alex Teckkam

Alex Teckkam
Scientific Leader

photo of Becca Norton

Becca Norton
Senior Scientific Advisor

photo of Carolina Duarte

Carolina Duarte
Scientific Advisor

Charlene Sheema
Scientific Advisor

photo of Laura Higgins

Laura Higgins
Scientific Advisor

photo of Pavandeep Bilkhu

Pavandeep Bilkhu
Scientific Advisor

Specialist team

photo of Cara Gardner

Cara Gardner
Senior Web Developer

photo of Lisa Greenwood

Lisa Greenwood
Senior Client Relationship Manager