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Principles for Members

medCrowd is a compliant messaging technology for health and care workers to work together more effectively and give the best care.

Be professional

Members are expected to work together respectfully and professionally.

When providing your expertise to others, ensure that you give accurate, balanced, fair, objective and unambiguous responses. Ensure you understand what help or advice they may need and ask for clarification if required. Try to respond to all conversations that you are invited to join, but only respond if you feel you have something more to add to any previous responses.

Be compliant

Members are expected to follow all relevant codes of conduct, guidelines, laws, and regulations.

Members are responsible for the conversations they start, responses they give and files they attach. Confidential, copyright or illegal material should never be shared.

You may choose which medCrowd members you invite to join your teams and conversations, so ensure you limit your invitations to only those people who need to be involved.

Do not share your login details with anyone else. medCrowd will store all your data securely and compliantly, but you must ensure you do not allow anyone else to use your login by keeping your login details strictly confidential.

Be aware

The conversations started and responses given are those of our members and not the medCrowd team. The content is provided without any representations or warranties of any kind and are for your information only.

medCrowd is not actively moderated, so please report any inappropriate or illegal activity to The Support Team will decide the action that may need to be taken and will only remove material when explicitly asked to do so.

Be honest

Complete your profile as truthfully and comprehensively as possible. Other members cannot see your name badge, security pass or the uniform you wear at work to understand your role, seniority and workplace so it is difficult for them to judge the authority of your contributions.

In order to ensure that medCrowd members are registered in their respective countries, the Support Team may contact you to verify your professional status.

Need help?

If you have any questions or concerns, or would like to report any inappropriate activity, just get in touch with us on or call +44 (0)20 3637 2100 (UK office hours).