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Our work

AIDS Conference

Insight service(s):

Conference support

photo - closeup of someone wearing a red AIDS awareness ribbon

The challenge

Our client wanted to obtain insights, first impressions, and advice on key data sets presented by them and selected competitor abstracts. They especially wanted to obtain local feedback on digital formats and virtual engagements to shape considerations for future HIV medical activities.


The solution

Initial impressions and insights on the event were captured with medCrowd ahead of the conference. More questions were asked over the course of the conference and afterwards. Follow-up questions were addressed to advisors one-to-one, to gather additional feedback and insights.

photo - a speaker on stage in front of an audience

The benefit

The client gained valuable scientific insights in real-time on the scientific narrative and decision making by understanding the different behaviours and preferences of clinicians. They also obtained perspectives on patient involvement and engagement in medicines development and clinical care.

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